Staking information

Staking rules

  • Staking is safe and there is no smart contract risk, since the tokens stay in your wallet, and never leave it.
  • Staking is fee-less.
  • Staking rewards are calculated off chain on our panel.
  • Tokens added to your wallet are automatically staked.
  • All you have to do is sign with your wallet on our staking panel.
  • You will be getting your APY on both the balance in your wallet and the unrealised staking rewards.
  • Rewards stop generating APY if your token balance is less than your reward balance.
  • If you provide Uniswap liquidity your rewards are counted based on the number of tokens provided initially (not current balance in Uniswap pool)
  • You can withdraw rewards to your wallet at any time, provided that you have at least 50 SUPERBID reward, subject to a timed withdrawal penalty, mentioned below.
  • Withdrawal penalty is a penalty that starts with 90% and ends with 0% in 90 days (1% lower every day)
  • Withdrawal penalty is reset to 90% when you start staking, and when you move any tokens out of your wallet. Adding tokens doesn't impact the withdrawal penalty.
  • You can only withdraw once every 7 days

Please read our staking FAQ for answers to additional questions.